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An article worth a read. This piece on the NY Times chronicles the working culture at Bell Labs.

Today, we use the word “Innovation” to catalogue any improvement e.g a smartphone app. Au contraire, the culture of making things fast and believing in small iterations may not always result in disruptive changes which create long-term value. Examples of innovation at Bell Labs  include the Transistor, Lasers, Unix among so many others which defined the late 20th century.

Innovation and the Bell Labs Miracle –




In 1970, a Zambia-based nun named Sister Mary Jucunda wrote to Dr. Ernst Stuhlinger, then-associate director of science at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, in response to his ongoing research into a piloted mission to Mars. Specifically, she asked how he could suggest spending billions of dollars on such a project at a time when so many children were starving on Earth.

The link is the letter from Dr Stuhlinger to the nun. A wonderful piece…

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