The Matrix, Reloaded!

Posted: November 1, 2011 in Tech

We use machines in everyday life, and most of the time, we do not realize the evolution machines undergo, in short periods, to improve our “experience” with the product/service we use.

To satisfy demands for a happy lifestyle, machines are being taught, as any sentient intelligent creature would. And now, we have an augmented world, one where machines can do part of our responsibilities and where we are dangerously close of almost fusing to form a cybernetic entity.

Just as machines have developed Computer Vision, humans are also being shown what the world looks from the perspective of a machine. Take for example the ubiquitous Google Search. It tracks what you search and displays results accordingly. Where 5-6 years back, a search for Matrix would have returned both a mixture of the geeky Matrix trilogy and the mathematical Matrices, now, we may get a biased result based on how “filmy” or “nerdy” the Google Algorithm thinks the Searcher is… We rely on Machine Learned recommendations.. Heck, even our spam filters are based on how the machine perceives we react to certain content.

The Matrix! - Seeing the World through the eyes of a machine

(The Matrix! – Seeing the World through the eyes of a machine)

And I would say that no one is complaining because, in the end, the intelligent machines make our life easier. We need not fear a self-aware Monster machine threatening doom on humanity á lá Skynet! Yet, the future of the Human Race and perhaps even Human Thought may be increasingly shaped by our interactions with machines and their “perception” about us.

Fusion with Machines - An Augmented Reality

(Towards Skynet? – An Augmented Reality)


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