The Cosmic Game of Dice…

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Philosophy

I do not believe that God plays dice…

– Einstein

The world is a beautiful place. But have we ever paused and thought about it? How engrossed we are in our little doings that we seldom think about the beauty that surrounds us…

By Beauty, I do not mean just our surroundings. I mean the symmetry in the Universe. The very fact that what are essentially a bunch of atoms can create sentient, intelligent life. The fact that despite a less than lottery winning chance of existing, we exist.

Is there someone who plays dice, on a Cosmic scale? Or in the words of probability theory, is there a Universal Probability Generator? One that is linked with every probabilistic event (in essential, every event in the universe)? Religions call this Probability Generator God. And physicists call it Quantum Mechanics

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